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General Questions

Expand What's Claz ?

We're a local community marketplace

We want to make it easy for you to buy and sell, find rentals, roommates, job opportunities, advertise local services and events.

Come in and make yourself at home Smile Browse Listings Browse Listings or Post Post an Ad

Expand Is this a free service?

Yes! We're a free service.
We do not charge a fee for posting listings here.
We don't take a percentage of users' sales.

We do offer optional paid services to business owners and individuals.

Expand How can I contact you ?

Please use our Contact Us Contact Us form if you have questions or concerns regarding an ad, your account, or if you encounter problems using Claz. We'll be happy to help you !

Posting Ads

Expand Can I post my stuff here ?

Absolutely! You're welcome to post anything (almost Smile) here.

We offer 7 main categories: Vehicles Vehicles Stuff For Sale Stuff For Sale Housing for Sale Housing for Rent Real Estate Real Estate Local Services Local Services Jobs Jobs Community Community

The Post Post Ad button at the top is a good place to start.

Not sure which category fits best ? Leave it to our friendly Autodetect Category Autodetect Category Bot

Expand Can I post a business listing ?

Yes! It's free!

You're welcome to Post Post a Service as a local service provider.
You can also Post Post a Specific Item from your inventory.

You can always add Premium Premium Features later to help your listings get the extra attention.

Expand Is it free to post a job listing ?

Yes. Job listings are free.

You can add Premium Premium Features to your job listings to help them get the extra coverage.

Expand How can I help make my listings stand out ?

There are a few things you can do to help your listings get the attention they deserve.

Be Specific Be specific. Provide as many details as possible, including pictures.
Repost Repost your listings. We'll bump them up and let others know they're still active.
Premium Try Premium. Get up to 10x more views, reach out to 10x more visitors.

Expand Can I post my listings in multiple locations ?

We kindly ask you to post listings in the area where the item, service, job position or the property is physically located, so that others could find your ad based on their location preferences.

Many of our visitors are searching within a wide radius or even nationwide.
They will see your listing if it's within their preferred area and if they're willing to travel.


We currently limit this feature to Premium Premium Business Listings to prevent spam.

Expand Is there something I cannot post here ?

We don't accept spam, fake listings, vulgar content and multi-level marketing.

Check our Link Prohibited Content Policy and Link Terms & Conditions for the full list of restrictions.

Expand My listing was rejected. What should I do ?

It happens to the best of us Smile

No worries! The good news is that rejections are temporary and are easy to fix

Every time our system suspects a violation of Prohibited Content Policy, the listing is pulled aside for an inspection. You will receive a "Your Listing Was Rejected" email from us with some details about the violation and a link to Submit an Appeal.

It usually takes a few minutes for the listing to be reinstated after an appeal is submitted and reviewed.

Contacting Others

Expand How do I stay safe on Claz ?

We encourage you to only deal with people that are local and that you can meet in person. Meet in person to complete a transaction. Busy public places like coffee shops are safe, convenient meeting spots.

The best way to complete a transaction is to exchange the item and pay at the same time.

Never transfer funds or use a debit card/check to pay someone in advance.

Make sure information on the condition of the item, price and payment method is clearly outlined and agreed upon prior to the meeting.

Before paying for something and completing the transaction, inspect the item and check that everything matches the seller's description.

Avoid certified/cashier checks and money orders !
Never wire funds and never give out personal information (i.e. social security number, bank account number).

When purchasing vehicles, always verify the vehicle identification number (VIN) and consult third party sources that can check the vehicle's history for theft, damage and identification.

My Account

Expand How do I edit or delete my listing ?

You can create, edit, repost and delete your listings on the My Listings My Listings page.

Also, we encourage you to Flag flag expired or obsolete listings while you Browse Listings Browse Listings

Expand I did not receive the 5-digit email confirmation code

Sometimes your email provider may choose to block or delay an email from us.
Most of the time this is outside of our control and an action on your end may be needed to fix it:

- Check your SPAM folder for blocked messages from
- Send an empty email to and request another confirmation code
- Sign In with Google or Sign In with Facebook as an alternative way to confirm your email

Expand I need to change my password

Please use the Forgot Password Forgot Password page to recover your password.

Contact Us Contact Us if you need any assistance and we'll be happy to help !

Expand How do I close my account ?

Please use the Contact Us Contact Us page. We'll be happy to help you.