Help a college student out

Hello there I am a 19 year old mother of one 3 year old starting college soon looking for college textbooks for the classes listed below: SCIT 1407-2001 -----Anatomy DMAT 0098-2201 ---Intermediate Math ENGL 1301-2020 ----English PSYC 2301-2008 ----Psycology SPAN 2311 -----------Spanish The total cost of my books is $954 and I don't have the money to pay for them I am asking for anyone willing to help with any kind of donations the only way I am attending college is because I was honored Valedictorian of my High School and that gave me the opportunity to better myself by taking care of my tuition cost (fee waiver) but that top 10% waiver does not cover for my books. I want to set the example to my son and make him proud of me one day. I graduate early in November and had no thought of attending college because of the money issues, when I was awarded as valedictorian in may it was too late to apply for any scholarships because I needed to apply the first semester after graduation. If there's anyone out there with a heart big enough to help a mother in need please send me an email thru craigslist's emailing option.
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