The color of decomposed granite is reddish-brown. It begins in the form of granite rock and then decomposes into a smaller form or gravel. This form of gravel contains high levels of trace minerals. It can be made in many different sizes and is purely safe for the environment. Decomposed granite can be used in different ways, even mixed with other substances. It is commonly used for sidewalks, gardens, pathways, patios, trails, playing fields, golf courses and any area where stone or aggregates can be used. You can also make decomposed granite driveways. Decomposed granite is made of very small pieces of granite. The sizes can range from a maximum of 1/4" to a sandy consistency. It is a fairly fine mixture, as opposed to other materials. DG can be used in a few different ways. How long it will last and the cost depends on which application is used for the project. Decomposed granite can be used as singular material to create decks, driveways, and pathways. Decomposed granite can also be used in conjunction with other materials, such as flagstone, to economically create naturalistic hardscapes in your outdoor environment! SPECIAL PRICING 24-25 TONS DELIVERED IN THE DFW METROPLEX! $995.00 DISCOUNT PRICING FOR MULTIPLE LOADS PM FOR QUESTIONS AND PRICING MULCH LANDSCAPER AGGREGATE WHOLESALE TX FLAGSTONE Toro Kubota Stables Pasture Stihl Honda Exmark grasshopper John deere. John deer WE ALSO DELIVER CRUSHED CONCRETE CRUSHED ASPHALT CRUSHED LIMESTONE PEA GRAVEL TEXAS STAR TEJAS BLACK CUSHION SAND SELECT FILL MASON SAND AND MORE! Less
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