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I would like to buy the shift indicator delete plate used in the dash of a 69 floor shift car. Any one have one they are willing to part with, or found an aftermarket source? Thanks, Thor
Swapping out the TH350 in my '78 Aeroback 442 - would love to find the stock shift mechanism, and the console top plate register, in decent shape. Anybody have one lying around that they're prepared to part with?
I'm looking for several parts. People seem to think they are gold plated parts on facebook lol. Needed are: 1. Bellhousing(bolts for to the trans and to the block are also needed) 2. Pedal assembly with sensors/switches 3. Rubber floor boot under the console(with hardware) 4. Tick Master Cylinder(new or nice used) 5. GM slave cylinder(new preferably) 6. Torque arm mount/bolts 7. Crossmember(T56...
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