I have a small Walker Turner drill press and accessories shown below, currently being pottered by member Brian @ Muir near Woodstock. I am looking for someone to pick it up from him and bring it to Ottawa where it will be picked up by member/moderator John Bartley John will be in Ottawa May 24th and 25th, then again in late June or early July. Everything should fit comfortably in the trunk of a...
Hello, A bit of a long shot I know but am looking to get a General 160 lathe from Sudbury to Ottawa, any help getting it here or closer would be much appreciated. I'm willing to pay for the help. Thank you.
just thought I'd post that I'm heading to Toronto Monday afternoon for a meeting of Tuesday if anyone needs something dropped off or picked and returned to the otttha area let me know. must fit in the back of my SUV . cheers p
Hey all, got a a load of mixed maple cherry and cedar waiting for me. Will pay some for bringing it plus share a few pcs of whatever for your trouble. He s offered to charge me to bring it but it s at his schedule and thought I d keep it in the Forum Family first... Let me know if interested... thanks
Figured I'd give it a shot, it's a very short rucker after all. I have a Laguna bandsaw in my parent's basement out in Navan in the East end that I would love to bring back to Montreal. Hoping to find anyone who could help or suggest someone I could hire. It was no fun getting it down there, but I think taking the table and motor off would help a bit. Something we didn't do on the way down. If ...
I just missed a table saw that could have been delivered to Montreal, now there is a Unisaw located in London that I have my eye on. Ideally it would be easier if it went straight to Montreal, but if I can get it to the east end of Ottawa I can transport it to Montreal myself. Also willing to pay for delivery if anyone is able. Have a great day!
Anyone in the Ottawa area planning a trip to Southern Ontario? There's a jointer in Vernon I'm interested in, but it would be nice if someone could help get it a bit closer. Thanks.
I have a 2 in 1 air hockey pool table everything but sticks $200 cash or best offer
I have a couple things that need to get to ottawa, nothing heavy, a drill chuck and some dust collector parts.
I m interested in this King KC-75FX selling for $900 Comes with mobile base It ll take me 1.5 hours to drive down there. Can anyone possibly check/try it out and let me know if it s worth $900? Thanks, Paul Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Looking to purchase some planer knives off Dan in Etobicoke and was hoping someone might be able to pick up and start it moving East eventually getting to Ottawa . Bill
Looking to get a bench top camel back drill press to south porcupine don't know the size or weight any help would be appreciated. Thanks Dave
So this is more of an offbeat request - I'm looking to get a Dustopper but they aren't sold in Canada, and I haven't been able to find someone that can ship it here, even on Amazon. They're sold in Home Depot in the US... cheaper than a dust deputy and way better profile, with virtually identical performance. So if anyone is passing through toronto on their way home from the US I'd really appre...