Lost cat

I had a cat that was picked up by animal control on May 1. Taken to Clark County Animal shelter. The VA had him picked up told me he would be placed in a foster home until I got my housing about 3 weeks. Where I was temporarily staying could not have animals. I called my case worker last week she told me the lady adopted her out. My case worker lied he was never taken to a foster home instead took him to the animal shelter. I called animal control they informed me he was adopted out second week of May. Needles to say I am beyond upset. I am a USN Veteran he not only helps me with my anxiety and depression he is like my child. I have had him a little over year and I have never been so upset. I will pay to get him back. He is solid white with brown rings around his tail blue eyes he is not declawed. His name is Karma. If you have him or no where he is at please please call me. I know whoever has him is already in love with him he such a sweet cat. At the very least please call me tell me he is ok. My days and nights are empty I keep looking for him. My name is Kelly's Davis 502 936 0314. Think how you would feel if someone told you they would take care of your cat while you get moved then they lied to you and your cat was gone and this is a caseworker at the VA please please call
Updated 9-Jun-2018
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