Lost cat

I had a cat picked up my animal control on May 1, they told he me would be placed in a foster home until I got situated this was the VA that told me that. They were finding me housing and where I was at I could not have her. They lied I called last week to tell my case worker I wanted my cat back she said the lady found a home for him. I found out he was never placed in a foster home they took him to Clark County Animal shelter they informed he was adopted sometime the 2nd week of May. he is a solid white cat blue eyes he has light brown around his tail. He is not declared his name was Karma. I had him about a year. He is my world not only is he my service cat he is like my kid. If you know where he is at or have him please please call me. I will pay you to get him back. Please I am a USN Veteran and he helps me with my anxiety and depression. My name is Kelly's Davis 502 936-0314. Please please help me find my cat.
Updated 11-Jun-2018
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