The primary role for this position is to operate fabricating machines such as cutoff saws, shears and brakes that cut, shape and bend metal sheets and structures to manufacture signs. Essential Functions •Performs a variety of tasks involving strenuous manual labor; performs manual work. •Utilizes all hand tools and grinders. •Develops layout and plans sequence of operations. •Locates and marks bending and cutting lines onto workpiece. •Positions, aligns, fits and welds together parts. •Fabricates and assembles sheet metal products. •Consult with sales staff to provide accurate estimate. •Work on multiple projects simultaneously. •Operates fabrication shop and machine shop machinery and equipment. Reads job specifications to determine machine adjustments and material requirements. •Removes burrs, sharp edges, rust or scale from workpiece. •Operates any equipment needed to perform job. •Sets stops or guides to specified length as indicated by scale, rule or template. •Positions workpiece against stops or aligns layout marks with die or blade. •Measures workpiece dimensions to determine accuracy of machine operation. •Removes burrs, sharp edges, rust or scale from workpiece. •Performs minor machine maintenance such as oiling machines, dies or workpieces. •Sets up and performs maintenance on fab and machine shop machines and performs burning work. •Operates any equipment needed to perform job.