I got 3 horses for sale... 1.The black one is either 16 0r 17 yrs old and looks pretty good I have had the horse for 5 years and has been a pretty good horse. He is gelded.If he is put in a large pasture, he is kinda difficult to catch even with feed... He needs someone that has time to take up with him..But if he is kept in kind of a smaller pen he can usually be caught pretty easy with some feed... once you got your hands on him though, you can pretty much do whatever with him...Pretty good riding horse...........2.The red one with the white face is a 16 yr old QH. She is the best horse I have ever had.She is a perfectly good riding horse.She loves attention from anybody.Unlike the black one ,you can have her on 1000 acres and her here the feed bucket and she will run to you. if she sees you sometimes and you dont have a feed bucket she will usually come right up to you just to get attention...3.The baby is also for sale which belongs to the the red one with the white face...It was just born on Sunday 9/11/2011 and my gf has already been workin with it with a halter and lead...Prices for the black horse I am asking $200.............The QH and baby since it is so young they have to go together and i am asking.. $700 for the both of them which i think is a pretty fair price... But i would probally take less for them depending on what i am offered.... I dont check emails too much... My home number is 863-735-8260 and the cell is 863-781-9270... and ask for KEVIN RICHARDSON
Updated 17-Sep-2011
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