Correctional Ministry Services

Correctional Ministry Services was started in October of 2018 We work with men and women who are in the correctional system, on Parole/Probation and those who are homeless because of having a criminal record. Our services are free to inmates only and for those on Parole/Probation. We offer a large number of services for more information please email us at the email listed. We work with inmates in all 50 states and we require inmates to contact us 6 months prior to their release date so that we have time to help them with a plan of action. Our services. Educational G.E.D/College Employment placement Program placement A.A/N.A Visitation to and from correctional facility Angel tree project Family connection program Fines, costs, and restitution payments Drivers license/State ID House arrest/Bail/Registration Crimes classification Re-entry/Clothing/Food/Housing Transportation/Medical Halfway house/In patient treatment program Parental rights/Child visitation Social services/Mental health programs Faith based services Advocating for client Preventing recidivism/New crimes Letter writing ministry Re-entry support/Accountability ***SORRY WE CANNOT ACCEPT COLLECT CALLS*** If you are calling the number listed and not leaving a message your call will be dropped. We work with inmates in the COUNTY, STATE and FEDERAL correctional system. We only work with men and women 18 years old and up. WE WILL NEVER SHARE ANY INFORMATION YOU GIVE US TO ANYONE UNLESS THAT INFORMATION HAS DETAILS ABOUT A CRIME, HURTING SOMEONE OR HURTING YOURSELF. WE ARE A MANDATED MINISTRY BY LAW WE MUST REPORT ANY CRIME, HURTING SOMEONE OR TRYING TO HURT YOURSELF. If we provide services you will be required to complete all assignments given, as we do report to the courts and parole/probation departments.
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