SKS RACING 5 hp Briggs & Stratton Engine and 2 MyChron 4 Tachometers. Zachary, LA 70791 (225) 978-3341
this seal fits a 73-79 regular bug a 73-77 super and convertible 73-79 this is an oem seal i know u cannot read the lettering on the seal from photo but it is there the part # and the vw symbol so do not let the dealership tell u oem in not available because u can get it here REPETE OEM NOT MADE IN CHINA JUNK OEM _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
used hood latch female part good working condition _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
very very nice used rev for yr 73-79 vw transporter it is twice the rev as the new ones made in china as they will get hard and break in yr hands after 6mts on yr van this is from a 75 vw van but it fits 73-79 do not be fooled into buying a new one as they r all made in china _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
Complete rigging package for digital Yamaha twin engines. Incudes dual binnacle, multi display, key switch w push button start and kill switch, all rigging harnesses. Perfect condition--approx one year old. Switching from yams to zukes so would not need this any longer. Not a storm damaged boat Paid $4300 new. Asking $2600 obo.
this dist came from a 74 bug it is missing the vac advance but is a real good dist the spring advance works very well and it is the square hole with hook condenser the bosch #is 0 231 178 028 do not be fooled into putting a 009 dist on yr vw unless u can find an old one 98% of all new ones r made in China and r junk if u can find a made in Spain on or made in Brasil one u r going to pay just in...
air bag clock spring 93-99 jetta golf cabrio mk genuine OEM used but not abused very good shape OEM ONES NEW R 139 NEW ONES ON THE BAY R 20 DOLLARS BUT THEY R ALL MADE IN CHINA DO U WANT TO RISK YR LIFE ON A PART MABE IN CHINA _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
I just removed this 50psi, 3gpm pump used for my freshwater washdown. It works, just not enough pressure for my application. $100 shipped conus, PayPal friends I ve tried loading pics several times, no luck, never had that issue before. Matt, call or text 225-931-7050
window regulator oem used nice condition will work for another 50 years if u grease it that is why yr other one went out people do not think as regular service to have there window regulators lubed but every 30 years or so it would not hurt mike _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
nice very nice right now i have 8 to chose from all very nice _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
this deck lid latch is in real nice condition ship free i do believe it fits 67 bach ghia if u know any different please email me i always like learning new things but not a whole lot to learn about air cooled vws have been around them my whole life my dad was in the very first vw of america mechanics class his picture says 6/1955 i was born 8/1955 mike _________________ thank u mike 225-335-35...
this abs pump fits vw and audis and i know that is a bad word on this site so i will not say it again audi could not help it it came from a 7/98 passat the part # is above u can get yr part # it is between the two upper brake lines if u have any ? email me the new ones r 695 and they can still be ordered thru vw mike _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
these fit all vws with 19 mm head on lug bolt what makes these so special is they r oem u cant read the part # but i can and these r oen when is the last time u say any of these i know i am missing one but not going to add some after market one just so i have a full set there is a vw person out there that will appreacite that mike 225 335 3555 i found the missing lug nut cover now have 16 _____...
this wiper motor was gone thru by my dad we told me the bearings and brushes where like new so no need to rebuild it all speeds work it is a used one just because it did not need any rebuilding sold exchange 125 more if u want to keep yr old core came from a 74 thing that had 67000 miles on it had been stored since 79 when it got wrecked to much damage to fix even now if u want a picture hit me...
could have ask what ever 4 part nla in real linda terms that is no longer available these go in the pivot point not at the end of visiors add 1.00 4 freight just give me yr paypal email or tel # i can bill u _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]
oem muffler made in western germany leistritz and it is the oem one u can tell just how long i have had this muffler there has not been a western germany 4 over 20 years this muffler is heavy so the freight will make a difference give me yr zip code and i can give u freight it weights 18 lbs if u would rather shop on e bay u will find this same muffler 4 50 dollars morei also have i tail pipe _...
this set of german made FEBI lifters was found in the back of parts room they fit most 1.9tdi etts 98-99 passats 96-99 saw same lifter on amazon 53 each here is a set of 8 recomoned if u get head work u need to replace lifters mike 225 335 3555 have the same lifters on the bay 4 75 if u perfer to buy there _________________ thank u mike 225-335-3555 [email protected]