Zoysia sod raises the bar for warm season turfgrasses. Dark green color, disease resistance, soft to the touch feel, drought tolerance, and a proven track record makes this sod an excellent choice for Home, Commercial, and Sport applications.Zoysia has a remarkable drought resistance mechanism. During periods of water deficit, SOD turns brown as it goes into a dormant state, to conserve the plant's energy and other resources. While other turfgrasses will wilt and eventually die out during drought periods, Zoysia dormancy enables it to survive longer, and to green up as soon as water/irrigation returns. SPECIAL!! El toro Palisades zoysia $195 pallet delivered on 18 pallets or more. WE CAN DELIVER UP TO 18 PALLETS AT A TIME CALL FOR DISCOUNT PRICING!! LABOR $95.00 PALLET INSTALLED INCLUDES HAND RAKE AND PREP! LANDSCAPE/SOD/GRASS/HOMEOWNER.RESIDENTIAL/COMMERCIAL/MULTI FAMILY/HOA/OFFICE/GOLF COURSE WE ALSO SELL TIFF 419/ ST AUGESTINE/BERMUDA CALL FOR SPECIAL PRICING!! We have served the landscape needs of residential and commercial customers throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area for 30 years. Our complete landscaping solutions will add beauty and curb appeal to your home and will enhance the value of your real estate investment. Installation available.Call us for all your landscape/irrigation &tree work!214 673 9309 commercial ,residential,multi family,landscaper, Less
Updated 27-Dec-2017
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