Baseball cards, large! Fun father/son bonding time with good old baseball card collecting!(must sell fast)

Very large collection of baseball cards! THEY MUST GO! What is shown in the pictures is just a little of what i have. If you are a collector and are looking at this right now you defnatly should get this! Some sets are complete while alot still are waiting and begging for someone to put them together! Take time with your son/father and bond while talking about baseball! THERE ARE SOME SETS THAT EVEN DATE BACK TO THE 1960S! The good ol' days? With my fathers death and a increasing struggle with family money is an issue so it is time to finally let this stuff go. `````price: Best Offer````` Hoping to get a fair amount, i know there are some realy good money cards in this lot. I have looked up a fue and some cards are going for $500 BY THEM SELVES!!! Just give me a call or a text and we can work out a price thats best for both of us. Phone: 401-597-2534 (prefer call but txt if you want i WILL respond back asap) ALSO! (READ) as resource.... almost every card i have is woth more than $1 (if its not a money a card) and i have thousands and thousands do the math :) just rember im trying to get them off my hands... $1000, $800, $500 i dont know just offer me a price and we will work stuff out
Updated 27-Jun-2012
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