The Rich Great Da’e Lace Wines all the way from Napa, CA

Unveiling Da’e Lace Wines from Travel Connoisseur! @ - One Destination to Buy, Sell and Stock Top Quality Wine Bottles. Da’e Lace Wines Chardonnay (white wine) & Rose’ (red wine) are great for casual enjoyment or for entertaining with family and friends. The wines are amazing as an additive to cooking and making dishes more extraordinary, such as a Da’e Lace Wines Chardonnay infused Butter Sauce or a Rose’ infused Marinara Sauce. You can also start off any morning with a Mimosa with Orange Juice infused with the Chardonnay or Rose’. No better way to end a long day than relaxing with a glass of Da’e Lace Wines Da’e Lace Wines is our own brand which is famous in California, Nevada, and Rest of America. These wines are made with complete care and complete check is maintained at every phase from the vineyard to the phase it is stocked to maintain proper temperature, taste, & texture of wine. Stored in a cellar in Napa Valley ensures the wines are protected until you place your order and the wines are shipped. Da’e Lace Wines are sure to please your palate! For More Information, Feel Free to Contact Us At: 662-385-3797 OR Scroll down my website The Travel Connoisseur @
Updated 6-Feb-2018
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