Highway Maintenance Coordinator (District Maintenance Engineer)

Highway Maintenance Coordinator (District Maintenance Engineer) Williston District NDDOT Hiring Range: $6,200 - $7,233 / month The candidate that is selected for this position may be granted moving allowance provisions in accordance with Human Resources Policy 14.4. Summary of Work District Administration - Prepare and monitor District biennium budget. Participate in the recruitment of new employees. Prepare training plans for employees and provide training as needed. Review and approve District purchases. Ensure Staff has sufficient materials to accomplish tasks. Supervise and monitor inventory control and data entry. Evaluate employee performance for advancement or disciplinary action. Ensure EEO and personnel policies are followed. Approximately 30 percent of the time will be spent on this duty. Manage District Maintenance Functions - Develop and implement District Snow and Ice Control plan. Develop and implement District Bridge Maintenance plan. Develop and implement plan to inspect and maintain district signs and guardrail systems. Develop and implement District facilities maintenance plan. Maintain janitorial services contracts, building rental agreements and vegetation control contracts. Be able to respond to emergencies, 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week. Assist District Engineer in determining the appropriate spring load restriction and implementation dates. Approximately 30 percent of the time will be spent on this duty. Public Relations - Respond to requests and inquires by citizens. Review and recommend approval or denial to the District Engineer for drainage, utility, access and billboards permits. Keep public informed of travel situations. Work with Maintenance and Communication Divisions to issue timely news releases. Provide assistance to political subdivisions when appropriate. Work with railroads when crossings require maintenance or improvements. Analyze and recommend solutions to complex, special and emergency problems. Keep general public informed on maintenance issues (radio/TV/newspaper interviews, speaking to organizations, etc.) Approximately 10 percent of the time will be spent on this duty. Plan and Prepare District Maintenance Operations - Develop maintenance priorities through periodic highway inspections. Review number, location and utilization of District Maintenance personnel and equipment. Monitor new products, maintenance procedures and equipment in order to improve the effectiveness of maintenance operations. Establish action plans for roadway emergencies that can be anticipated. Ensure employees know how to respond and that the resources are in place to react to these emergencies. Provide for maintenance and replacement of district equipment including state motor pool vehicles. Ensure all DOT facilities meet the Department of Health standards and Risk Management requirements. Maintain and update the Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan as required. Approximately 10 percent of time will be spent on this duty. Maintenance Work Requirements - Prepare environmental documents required for work done by the maintenance forces. Put required bid documents or plans together to procure contractors, equipment, or materials following procurement rules. Prepare estimates for work to bid or be done by state forces. Provide Supervision and Inspection for building or road projects within the District. Secure permits for building projects. Ensure all erosion control items are maintained post construction on projects and utility permits. Approximately 5 percent of time will be spent on this duty. Assist District Engineer in development of long range construction and maintenance programs (2-5 years) - Monitor pavement performance and recommend next pavement treatment. Recommend which pavements can be maintained by maintenance projects and which should have a capital improvement using contractors. Develop a long range roadway maintenance plan, integrating the information from the paveme...
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