Tired of an ugly lawn? Is it plagued by Weeds, Disease and Infection? Are you paying lawn service companies big bucks for inferior results? The Lawn Coach is here to save the day! Late Summer and Fall is the BEST time of year to get your lawn back in shape! I can show you how to create a healthy lawn using natural, organic techniques that most lawn service companies don’t want customers to know about. Why? Because they want your lawn to stay chemically dependent; otherwise, they would be out of a job! Call Frank, the Lawn Coach, @ 757-784-3245 (or email williamsburglawncoach@gmail.com) to receive your FREE Top 10 Organic Lawn Care Tips! These natural lawn care tips have been learned and earned over the last 30 years and are really invaluable. Drive your neighbors crazy with an awesome looking lawn! Check out Frank’s Blog on Organic Lawn Care here: http://www.lawn-coach.com Above is a picture of my lawn from February of this year. Yes, that is my winter lawn. See how my neighbors’ lawns are brown? And mine is thick and green? You can have this same lawn this year too; no matter the quality of your soil, and even if you are suffering from a weed infestation. Believe it or not, the lawn you see below is “built” on really poor fill dirt soil! How is it possible? Here’s the short course on organic, natural lawn care: - Priority 1: Feed the soil (not the plant) - Priority 2: Increase beneficial soil life (earthworms, microbes, etc.) - Priority 3: Create healthier soil naturally over time - Priority 4: Use the right seed and prepare the soil properly for the seed - Priority 5: Sit back, admire and enjoy your lawn! You will no longer need to: - Spray insecticides, pesticides and herbicides - Use chemical fertilizers - Waste money on grass seed that won’t work for you - Aerate and Dethatch mechanically (will be done naturally for you) - Worry about weeds taking over your lawn - Disease killing your lawn - (Bad) Insects attacking your lawn - Worry about your kids, family, friends and pets playing on your lawn that is chemically treated Are Organics Expensive? I know what you are going to say…Organic fertilizers and amendments are expensive. Actually they aren’t. That is a fallacy put out there by chemical lawn service companies. In the long run, organic techniques actually save you money and lots of it! You will water less too! Organics aren't just about a healthy planet (which is important). It is more about a superior approach to healthy soil. Healthy soil = healthy lawn. A healthy lawn will require LESS fertilizer and LESS water and LESS maintenance. It is a win – win. Take back your lawn TODAY! Call Frank, the Lawn Coach, @ 757-784-3245 (or email williamsburglawncoach@gmail.com) to schedule an in-person, in-depth lawn consultation for $60.** **Offer for Williamsburg, VA area only.** Outlying Hampton Roads areas will incur a travel charge. Don’t need an in-person consultation? No problem, I can handle your lawn consult remotely via email and phone. The charge is $30. (just need you to send me pictures and some details) My 100% Satisfaction GUARANTEE: If you do not see incredible value in the lawn consultation I provide you, keep your money. No charge! (I am that confident you will see how beneficial my lawn consulting service is) Reclaim My Lawn Fall Special: Mention this ad and get 20% Off the in-person lawn consultation! Referral Special: Refer me to 5 of your neighbors/friends and if 2 (or more) of them book and pay for a consultation, then your next lawn consultation is FREE! My Qualifications: (See my lawn picture located above) Ok, seriously…I have been playing in the dirt for 30 years, coming from a farming background. I have studied and practiced organics extensively from the best organic practitioners. I know what makes quality soil and quality turf! What the In-Person Lawn Consultation Includes: - Detailed re...
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