1999 Winnebago Adventurer 34V-P Diesel pusher, 41k miles

I bought this on eBay Motors in March for a little over $20,000 (result of a bank repo.). It was (I thought) a steal, according to the NADA.com guide it's worth almost twice that much and I thought with a couple weekends of work and a couple grand I'd make out like a bandit... Oh well, live, lose and learn. The seller said it needed a "little" handy-man work, turned out it needed a lot more than I anticipated. But it is all done and in very good shape now. Trouble is, with what I had to put into it, I find myself cash strapped and now need to sell it. I've put almost $15,000 into in in repairs, upgrades and renovations in the last three months, way more than I had hoped would be needed... It is in great shape, engine, transmission, bathroom, appliances, everything is working properly now, finally. But I'm almost busted, can't afford to keep it and use it as hoped. My miscalculation equals someone else's super deal. I bit off a little more than I'd planned on chewing by buying this several months ago. First RV I've owned and needed a bit more work than I had thought... But, it's all finished now and good to go, better than ever. My loss, your gain. CarFax report available as well as all the receipts mentioned for service repair PM and ECM printout. This RV breezes past big trucks and pulls up hills like you're on flat ground. Engine: 41,000 miles! Runs like an Energized Bunny... on and on and on... Onan 6.5KW LP generator with barely 700 hours. Huge slide-out: 13'x3'
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