Healing the Roots of Women’s Sexual and Relational Struggles

Girls are often born into this world surrounded by messages about who they are supposed to be, and who they should become; Be cute. Smile. Be a nice girl. Just give them a hug. Don’t make a fuss. Suck in your belly. Be the ideal body type. Look sexy. Stay pure and innocent. Be good in bed. You can have it all if you do it this way. Is it any wonder why girls and women struggle with feeling comfortable in their own skin? There is such a deep and contradictory connection between the messages they receive about their bodies, their emotional expression, and how to be sexual and relational. Girls and women are set up to be at odds with themselves inside—to question their own experience and reality within. Those messages are tiny ruptures in the attachments girls and women have with the people conveying them. They’re conveyed through words or examples. Subtle hurts, those develop insecurities. They may be layered on top of even more abandoning or abusing experiences from family members, friends, teachers, coaches, spiritual authorities, leaders and authority figures, intimate partners, bosses, colleagues, and strangers. Visit us https://www.rioretreatcenter.com/blog/item/125-women-sexualization
Updated 28-Jun-2018
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