Bubbas Hovercraft Model 7600 The Ultimate Golf Cart

Bubbas Hovercraft Model 7600 The Ultimate Golf Cart Price: $60,900 Bubbas Hover, Signature Series 4-Passenger Hovercraft Golf Cart: Fully Assembled Side by Side Seating For (4) Four passengers, Beige Gel-coat with Matching Seating & lift up Club Car Roof, 2 Golf Bag capacity rack, Sand bottles and 65HP Fuel Injected Engine, including trailer and spare wheel. There is no vehicle comparable to a hovercraft – especially the Neoteric Hovertrek. With the Hovertrek, you won't own just a versatile sport and utility vehicle; you'll own more than 40 years of solid research and development, unsurpassed engineering, award-winning design, and the only hovercraft in the world with effective brakes. Features: Patented Reverse Thrust; Customizable; Lightweight; Trailerable; Lowest Profile. * Footprint Pressure about 33 times less than that of a human footprint. * By Hovering across the green, you leave absolutely no trace. * Can travel across water the water hazard instead of around it. * No more having to stay off the green when it's raining. * Enhanced Noise Reduction Motor.
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