**2014 Chevy Sonic 106k- reliable, maintained**

My Sonic isn't used often enough to keep it, though I did just spend a pile of money on maintenance so it would be in line with factory recommendations. ' COMPARE this with any sonic with similar miles, see if they've had $750+ in maintenance done. I'm not adding that to the car's value, but you may need to subtract that from otherwise comparable vehicles... KBB is $5400-5700. Note- paint NOT wet in pics, but underbody had a few drips left after the wash. (Maintenance below) Body- Nice overall. Has some scrapes (front bumper driver's side), dings, etc, no rust of course & paint looks good when clean. Interior- lot of time was spent in here. Some things more worn (driver's seat) than others. Mechanically, great. Tires- 80%+ Brakes in good condition Engine ready for next 100k with this maintenance done & front end suspension is now great also. -Timing belt and tensioner -Camshaft phasers (this doubles the labor length of a timing belt only replacement) -Water pump -Front control arm bushings- front and rear of front control arms. -Front control arms -Front ball joints -Front heavier duty sway bar links -Front strut assemblies- both. Issues: -Motor mount- common issue. Slight vibration. Can be annoying at certain engine speeds. Part is under $75, labor is ONLY 30-40 min of book time. -CEL "sometimes" on for knock sensor. Knock sensor was replaced, still happens occasionally. No symptoms of bad sensor aside from the CEL. Chevrolet Cruze Sonic compact mpg gas mileage commuter student first car second car fit Rio fiesta Cooper yaris
Updated 27-May-2018
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