**2008 Ford Taurus X Limited 158k miles**

Loaded Taurus X in Limited trim (highest available). Car was washed/dried, wet spots underneath are from chassis. -Mint interior. 9/10- heated perforated leather, moonroof, 2nd row bench 3rd row split bucket seats, navigation, Limited Convenience Package (Cargo Net, Power Adjustable Pedals w/Memory, Universal Garage Door Opener), Rear parking sensors and more. -Body very nice, minimal rust spots, paint clean for the year, some scratches and dings. 7.5-8/10 Car sold on behalf of friend, highway miles..Took him and family to Colorado, Cali, Florida etc. Then, water pump went out. The pump runs off the timing chain on this car; it's a BIG repair- $2600 at the dealer, 15-17 hours of labor. Was going to trade it in, but I had a better connection at a shop. The tech showed me the timing chain still had 1/2 life left and didn't need to be replaced. Owner told me to spend the money to have it replaced anyways, along with the guides, cam tensioner etc. What was done while it was apart: -Full timing chain kit- 4 guides, 2 tensioners, all 3 timing chains (upper and main) -Front cam seal -Gates water pump -Coolant flushed -AC drained (evac'd) & recharged. -Upper intake manifold gasket -Valve cover gaskets -Oil Changed -Transmission Mounts- upper mount and dogbone. Newer: -Brake/tires done in 2016, ~15-20k miles on each. -Power steering high pressure hose done at ~140k miles Issues: -Blend door actuator motor (mix hot and cold air) clicks for 15 seconds when you turn on the heat, then works without noise. -Passenger front strut clunks at low speed/on take-off.
Updated 5-Dec-2017
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