Migrate from AngularJS to a Newer Technology While Retaining the Backend

TOPS Infosolutions is an end-to-end solution provider for various industry verticals and works on every aspect of application development from conception to lifecycle support. However, not everyone coming to us has requirements this simple. For example, lately we’ve been hitting too many inquiries from people looking to migrate their application base from AngularJS to a newer technology. With AngularJS entering end of support soon and Google not providing any official upgrade path, there are more question unanswered. To be frank, migrating an app from one development technology to another even with the same programming language and similar architecture is a complex task and at times requires rewriting the entire code from scratch. Which begs the question, “Do I need to rewrite the backend code too?”. The short answer is a big NO. No, you don’t have to. For the longer answer and little background into ‘why’, keep reading. http://bit.ly/2Ydw4mr
Updated over a month ago