Rare chawawa

I have rescued a very good dog vet says he is almost 2years old and this breed is very expressive with paper work. But seems how I got him out of a horrible position and it would make me super happy just to give him to a family that would provide a good home. I'm only asking for the 50 I paid for his vaccine shot and dewormed. I have 3 kids in the house and the youngest is 5 and if I were a dog I think it would aggravate me the way these kids don't ever give him a minute to breathe lol. But this dog Love's and beggs for all the attention he can get he seems to only sleep if he is under the blanket in a compfortable bed he's very well behaved and quiet he doesn't make a sound only little dog I know to do that we would love to keep him but unfortunately we all know we can't keep him any longer due to not aloud to have pets where we rent. We are in hopes someone will give him a good home and the attention he needs please and thank you
Updated 3-Oct-2018
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