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My mothers fridge went out and she needs a newer one I m looking for one of the mid size ones that are about waist high
I'm moving to a college dorm in the fall and was wondering if anyone had a working microwave or mini fridge they would be willing to give up
Iso of working mini fridge please let me know what you have thank you
Hi! Looking for a mini-fridge. I would be really happy if you could provide me with a working one for my room! Thank you!!
If you have one, I can put it to good use. Thanks for FreeCycling, Andy
Looking for mini fridge for office desk (ex: 6 cans/4 Ltr) or either a dorm size fridge.
I need a mini fridge for my pre-school classroom to keep milk cold for my students with special dietary needs.
I need these items badly. Or, if possible, a power washer so I can make some money. Thanks in advance.
Looking for a mini fridge for my sister to use at college.
Looking to borrow a mini fridge for the next three weeks until my new fridge is delivered. A college student would have it back in time to move into the dorms.
Hello, I was needing a working mini fridge for my college student. She will be starting soon in august. Anyone getting rid of or upgrading and want to give it away please let me know it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Hello. Looking for a mini-fridge and small microwave for my rising freshman in his college dorm. Please in good working condition. If you have one that you are no longer using, we appreciate your help. Thank you!
Looking for a mini fridge and/or freezer for my dorm room.
I really need a working mini fridge if anyone local has one they want to get rid of. Thanks!
My fridge is broken and my new fridge won t arrive until August 7th. If anyone has a mini fridge I could borrow for a bit, I would appreciate it! If you need it permanently gone my daughter is going to college so we could keep long term. Thanks in advance!
Hi. Looking for a mini fridge in good working condition for my freshman college student. If you have one that you are not longer using, please let us know. Thank you
Looking for a mini fridge. I can pick up today
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