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Looking for a kitty stroller and a large dog kennel. My mom is moving across the country, driving, with her big kitty. I'm looking to make it easier on her...and him.
I have adopted a cat,Cat trees are so expensive! wondering if someone has one buried in a spot somewhere.....Wishing for a delivery,I don't have a car!
Looking for the following in the NYC area: 1. Dats. 3-5" would be great. 2. A. torosus, bolt catfish. 3. Leiarius pictus (small one, up to 5") 4. Myleus types - schomburgkii, setiger or other similar "silver dollars." 5. Pink-tailed Chalceus 6. Hepsetus odoe "African Pike." PS - I arbitrarily put $50 as the price because it seems a price is required. You don't have to charge $50 for any of the ...
To deter mice from my home. I apologize for having to say this, but given the weather we have had, please ensure that your cats are not troubled by fleas. Many thanks in advance.
Upbeat, optimistic, kind, mellow, polite, happy cat-friendly former LAUSD K-6 teacher with monthly pension income. I love reading books, listening to music folk rock - classical, camping and stargazing away from city lights. I clean up after myself and like a warm atmosphere at home. I have queen size bedroom furniture so prefer med-lrg sized room. My cat often goes with me when I'm not home. T...
Call/Text/Message For More Information: 785-SevenFiveFour-83951981 C8000 Ford COE Feed TruckReman 3208 V8 CatAllison AutoHarsh 406 Box4 AugurNewer LinersMain Drive Chain NewHotShift PTOAir Brakes (No Dryer)PowersteeringNo Air ConditioningAnalog Scales Work SometimesBroken Passenger Side Windshield 10.00-20r TiresHigh Back Driver Seat
Looking for a new or lightly used catted DP from AA, CG precision or powerneedy, shipped to SC. Prefer the Active Autowerke.
I'm looking for a clean, smaller, open on top litter box for my cat. Thanks.
Looking for some outdoor cats. Let me know what you have. Thanks.
Quiet, reliable and responsible with two well-behaved cats. Professional graphic designer. Not compatible with smokers of any kind or heavy drinkers. Total budget: $800 monthly
I'm looking for the square plastic cat food or cat litter containers.
Hi! I'm Allie, a multi-disciplinary artist, philosopher, and startup founder with an awesome cat named Ostara. My ideal place would be between Bedford and the East River somewhere between N 14 and S 6, or as close to Vital Climbing Gym and the Bedford L as possible. I'd love to have an outdoor space and laundry in the building. Renovated. A dish washer is a plus. I'm looking for queer friendly,...
Reasonable size room, not a tiny turn to the side to squeeze by things. Can share a bathroom, but prefer separate. If you like friendly person, I'm there, privacy, no problem. Iwould really like a tv in the room, otherwise share a tv is ok. Total budget: $800 monthly
Hello everyone. I'm looking for a water fountain for my cat, Baxtor. We adopted Baxtor a month and a half ago. He's 10 and picky about where he gets his water. He won't drink out of the water bowl, but will instead drink from the toilet. I googled it and it seems because he finds the toilet water fresher than the bowl water. I'm hoping a water fountain will help with this. Thank you for your ti...
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