Recommended Litebox in 94598 A number of individuals suffer from psoriasis, an autoimmune disease that takes form on your skin. It is a common dermatological issue that many patients may complain of because of its unsightly appearance. Depending on the form of psoriasis, it may appear as scaly red and white patches of skin, or appear as a "bubbly" rash. It can appear anywhere on the body, and can make individuals that suffer from psoriasis feel very uneasy and self-conscious about their body. It affects everyone, individuals of all ages, and both men and women. There is currently no cure for those suffering from psoriasis, but there are various ways to manage it and keep it from getting out of hand and spreading. The East Bay Laser & Skin Care Center, Inc. 1479 Ygnacio Valley Road Suite 209 Walnut Creek, CA 94598 (925) 932-9389 FAX (925) 256-9066
Updated 12-Jun-2018
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