2016 Indian Motorcycle Chieftain Thunder Black, 2016 Indian Chieftain Indian Red HOPE YOU LIKE BEING THE CENTER OF ATTENTION Followers need not apply. Built to go your own way, this hard-bagger rides a lane apart.A rolling testament to American ingenuity. The first faired, hard bagger Indian motorcycle is a stunning bike. Cruise around town. Roar down the freeway with the music blasting. Take a...
2017 Indian Motorcycle Scout Thunder Black, 2017 Indian Motorcycles Scout Thunder Black WOULD YOU PAY TO SEE THE MOVIE OF YOUR LIFE It s not too late to rewrite your script. Change the plot. Add more action. And there s no better bike to get you there than the Indian Scout. With a modern, lightweight chassis. A lower center of gravity. And a liquid-cooled 100-horsepower V-Twin that opens up and...
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