Help me help you willing to trade almost anything in my apartment for your specialty work

Hello, my name is jasilyn and I am looking for people that have that special talent. I don't have much money but I am willing to trade just about anything in my apartment for your services. this is what I'm looking for. *a spray paint artist or someone that can draw me some pictures. *construction ,woodworking someone that could build me a couple of projects that I have in mind. ( not a big project) *A couple of strong people to carry some heavy items to the second floor apartment *Someone that can sew me some fitted sheets curtains and some pillows * someone who knows who can make items w a 3-D printer * Someone who can make me a webpage * Need someone to make me some T-shirts or business cards or fabric screen printing *someone that knows how to do wraps on a car *someone's assistance with writing a children's book
Updated over a month ago