ADAS and Infortainment and active safety training,hands on experience

(a) LOGGING-IN.COM LLC Our Motto: “LOG-IN REST WE WILL TAKE CARE” Mechanical Engineer Positions Training, Placements Assistance and IN-HOUSE Projects experience About Us: We are the people once were at your position and spent lot time researching how to apply for Jobs, Talk to Recruiters, Prepare for interviews, Give interviews, Answer questions Technical and Non- Technical, It took us a quite a bit of time in figuring out how to proceed and give answers that recruiters and interviewers are looking for, We were on our own and spent lot of time in building confidence and achieving our goals, Now we say you are not on your own, We are here to help. We will train you in all aspects from resume preparation to how to give interviews, we will motivate and help you to answer all type of questions you will come across with confidence. If a recruiter/interviewer is looking for particular skill in you and if you know it, based on how you answer he/she can understand if you studied about it or you actually worked on it, recruiters always look for candidates with experience not with knowledge. Presenting yourself is very important when you need to sell yourself. We can train you in how to present yourself and give answers that recruiters are looking for. Training Overview • Initial Field of interests and expertise We will analyze your interests and we will start building your profile which drives you towards achieving your goals. • Resume Preparation and LinkedIn profile creation, This is one of the most important and crucial thing that we need to concentrate on, Recruiters will start shortlisting candidates based on resumes and most recruiters will have less than a minute to go through each resume so this is your first opportunity to impress them, based on your interests and skills we will help build your resume in a very informative way covering your interest, skills and necessary technical aspects. Important thing is your resume should be modified frequently based on type of calls you receive and based on specific job description, don’t worry you will have full assistance in modifying you resume. It’s good to have 2-3 resumes each concentrating on different skill set. Building profile on LinkedIn will help you to reach out recruiters and can keep you connected with current corporate world, trust me this will not only build your connections this can also give you opportunities to build your skills. • How and where to apply It is important to know how/where/what type of jobs to apply, we will assist you on what kind of jobs to apply quickly and efficiently. You should be spending time between building your skills and applying jobs this must be balanced very well. • How to answer basic questions and Pay rate discussions. This is you second chance of impressing, you should be spontaneous, smart and at the same time you should be very informative. They will only talk to each candidate for only few minutes so within that time you should show them your interest, passion and willingness to work hard. One basic question is about your compensation even though you say you are ok with whatever they provide they will ask for a number this might be a tricky part, this has to be answered according to job description, position and company profile. We can give you an overview of different type of positions that you may come across and train you to give answers based on all these aspects. • How to reach out to recruiters and keeping in contact Most recruiters can be found on LinkedIn Keeping in touch with a recruiter is important, you have to build relation in such a way that If any new positions arise you should be that first person they should be thinking of, that way you will be submitted for most of the jobs. We will help you learn how to talk to them. • Interview Preparation (generic and Specific) This is the final and most important thing your future career is based up on; Different people look for different things in you some look ...
Updated 19-Apr-2018
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