Princess House - Fantasia crystal replacements

I have for sale a few different pieces from the FANTASIA Collection oF Princess House! Replacement pieces, if you will. Or if you'd like to start a collection of your own. The following is what i have available along with the price PIC 1: Princess House Fantasia Dinner Plate. This pattern was introduced in the 1960's. The plate is 10 1/2 inches across. I have a set of 6.. asking 8.00/plate or the set for 40.00 PIC 2: Matching Lunch or Salad Plate also introduced in the 1960's and a .long time favorite of Princess House collectors. This plate is 8 inches across and i have a set of 6, asking 6/plate or the set for 30.00 PIC 3: Round 3 part relish tray introduced in 1965. It is 13 inches across, I am asking 20.00. PIC 4: Matching 5 section entertainment bowl, i am missing the deviled egg part so i am asking 25.00. PIC 5: Is a matching large salad bowl asking 20.00 I also have another round platter similar to the collection one but not part of the Fantasia Collection. Im asking 15.00 for that one. Every piece is in immaculate very close to new condition, just been stored away for awhile and ofcourse ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE. Your welcome to view all retail prices at please call/text 707-655-2472 or 707-712-3577 or you can also reply by email, thankyou
Updated 11-Oct-2012
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