NEED 500 watt speakers and Amplifier Local youth group

FREE MARCHING BAND PROGRAM UMATILLA SURROUNDING AREAS FOR AGES 6-14 INADDITION TO HAVING A FULL MARCHING DRUM LINE,CHEER SQUAD,& COLOR GUARD FLAG CORP, CHORUS, we are in desperate need of sound system.Speakers for out door event,We are hosting a Sept. 11th Event in Eustis and I am afraid our sound system is not powerful enough. We are on a very limited budget.As I said we are a free program and are not funded Except for kindness of people like yourself. Even if you can donate an old speaker or microphone or stands or are able to sell at a reduced rate, If you are able to we can give you top billing in our sponsor page on Programs handed out this event and also on our home page, Churches please consider helping, Our last system was purchased from a very small church for several hundred dollars, We were able to make payments and that was 5 years ago. I have enclosed a picture of our group. Please , Please help If we have to purchase this it's okay ,
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