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Welcome, We wish you Health / Wealth and Success. And hope to train with you towards a Safer, Happier, Healthier Life. You Have nothing to lose and Everything to gain! + Stress Relieve + Self-Discipline + Boost Confidence + Lose Weight + Realistic Self-Defense + Take control of your life + Get in Shape & Fit + Empower Work Performance + Improve School Grades + Character Building + Enhance relationship International Shaolin HKB, West Coast Training Headquarter, is the best martial arts academy to provide you with the best martial arts experience and quality instruction possible. Also teaching Qi Gong, Feng Shui, and other skills. We have long successful track-record of helping people just like you in achieving your goal in training Martial Arts to be Safer, Healthier and Happier by developing and maximizing Your True Human Potential using our Proven Realistic Martial Arts training methods. As the new World Premier Kungfu Organization, we have grown so far and expanded now in 13 Countries in North America, South America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. Also offering seminars from groups in other states and locations. You can call us 949-297-6999 now to schedule a special time with our instructor to work with you. You will be glad that you did. Please keep trying us to call if the line is busy, we will get you on the second line. A Small Portion of the Uniqueness of Shaolin HKB: + Efficient and Adaptable Approach It not just about the skill of the instructor but also the TEACHING Skill to pass on the info to You. + Realistic Self-Defense Skills and Strategy You will leave your very first meeting a safer person. + Real Integrated Ch'an (Zen) It's not just lots of philosophy, it is a Real original part of the training and effectiveness of the Art. + Mental Training Exercises Find yourself a more focused, peaceful, relaxed, energetic, and capable person in All aspects of Life. "Kung Fu" doesn't mean 'Fighting'. Kung Fu means: "Excellence." + Maximize Balance and Coordination This is another result of our engaging, dynamic, fun and well-rounded training methods + Inner Peace, Stress Relief and Meditation It's not about beating you up. It's about BUILDING YOU UP. Making Safer, Happier, Healthier People. + Strengthen the Body and Heal the Muscles, Sinews and Tendons You want a system that is going to heal your body over time, not tear it down the older you get. + Unique Body Tone and Expression Something different from the Gym, that still produces internal and external (visible) results for your body. + Explosive Impulse / Relaxed Internal Power This is something you have to come and see, feel, and experience for yourself. + Unique Progressive Training Methods This allows us to produce more skilled and well equipped students, in a shorter period of time.
Updated 12-Oct-2012
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