Tavy Tile Puck Marble Level and Lippage Detector

Tavy Tile Puck Marble Level and Lippage Detector The Best Tool for Setting Perfectly Flat Tiles Buy Now http://www.flooringsupplyshop.com Best tool for setting a flat tiled surface Eliminate "toe-kickers" high spots Level tile perfectly with one simple glance The TAVY Tile Puck is great for setting tile, If you want to instantly know if your tiles are level and if you have a toe kicker…this is your tool. The TAVY Tile Puck is easy to use and will eliminate the need for any other level. The TAVY TILE PUCK can be also be used for any number of leveling applications: appliances, machines, shower seats, curbs, counter tops, kitchen appliances, cabinetry, drains, shelves and countless other leveling applications. Directions for Lippage Detecting: Slide the TAVY TILE PUCK back and forth on walls or floors from tile to tile or slab to slab and listen for clicking to detect lippage. Directions for Leveling: Place the TAVY TILE PUCK on any portion of any flat surface to get an instant reading in all directions at one time. Helpful Hints: Gently spinning the TAVY TILE PUCK when using it will help keep the edges sharp. In stock ship same day our store open to the public 5047 W Jefferson Blvd Los Angeles CA 90016 Mon - Fri 7:00 am - 5:00pm Sunday 12 noon - 4:00pm For more products visit our web site http://www.flooringsupplyshop.com Or call us at 323-731-8453
Updated 12-Apr-2018
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