Dishes pots and pans cups bowls laundry soap toilet paper anything that can be donated
If you have ocotillo fencing or panels I will gladly come get them. I will even dig them up if you want to get rid of them. My wife really wants them and I really want to get them for her for our house. Thank you.
Hi I was hoping for any info on a veterinary clinic or service that may be able to help with cost...thank you
Anyone have an abundance of pinecones? I just need about 12-24 Thanks!
Need children's sized hangers, doesn't matter color for an upcoming event if someone is getting rid of them. I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
I'm looking for about two dozen golf tees for a craft project. Anyone have any extras?
Hello we are in need of Bikes. They don't have to be pretty. We just want to be able to go and ride at the concrete wash and bike path.We need 1 18 inch mountain bike with training wheels for my daughter and 1 26 inch mountain bike for myself. Thank you
Looking for anybody that has a membership to the desert museum that has extra passes they're not going to be using. I'm
Empty wine bottles or bottles of similar shape and size for craft projects Thank you
We have about half a dozen saguero cactus that need to be potted & moved. If you have any big clay pots looking for a new home, we surely fit the bill. Thank you!
In need of a battery for a 1991 Ford F150 truck, it's a top post battery, thanks in advance.
Hi everyone I am looking for a bed. Please if anyone can help let me know. Thank you
Central Tucson wanting to make some cool things for my little one's Christmas. Thank you in advance.
I'm a signal mom. Have 7 kids; one on the way ; no way to buy things for my kids! just got housing waiting for a rental to come through. !Baby on the way little boy ! december 17th have my 7, year girl and 8, year old boy awaiting to come home with me, all hopfuly before chrismas! a new born, doing this on my own. my other children are taking care of but I'm just getting back on my feet no job ...
I m seeking a 6 string acoustic guitar and an electronic keyboard. I can pick up any Tucson location near the bus routes. Thanks for reading! Wendy