I am looking for some lattice or some sort of a trellis for my loofah plant to climb. it is next to a block wall. Thank you.
Looking for items to landscape our backyard as a summer project with our kids. Can pick up. Thanks
Hello, I'm looking for some cats claw vine cuttings to cover a few fences, please and thank you!
I'm asking again in case anyone missed this two months ago. Years ago, a nice Freecycler gave me a piece of shade cloth that has recently started to fall apart. I was hoping another nice Freecycler might have a piece they don't need. I only need about a 8 foot x 5 foot piece and I have no problem if you have several smaller pieces, because I can sew them together! I can pick up, but can't go to...
The washer in my house recently set on fire!!! Need a working one soon and just got back from driving back from South Carolina so can t afford to buy one ):
I'm looking for about 10 wire hangers - the type dry cleaners use. Preferably with the cardboard for hanging pants.
Does anyone have a super soaker water pistol? I want to spray peppermint oil on the roof to keep the birds off. They don't like the smell. Thanks in advance.
Looking for someone with horses who I could gather some manure from, for gardening. I will pick up. I don't need a whole lot. Thank you.
Looking for a cable modem (DOCSIS 3.0 preferably) and/or a router of some kind.
Friend is getting married in a few weeks and I thought it would be a good idea to carry some fake wedding rings in case the real ones got misplaced on the day-of. Looking for rings preferably without embellishments (stones, etc). Can be made of any material (an old plastic toy ring would even be fine); I'm sure I can paint them gold if need be. I have one ring that could be used, but it has a s...
I really need some small boxes, but I can make smaller ones from medium sized ones, too. Amazon boxes, any boxes you got I'll take. I can pick up anywhere within reason. Please help me out. Thank you!
I am in need of a good working microwave oven. My old oven broke and almost every thing now days needs to be cooked in a microwave. I can pick it up. Thank you.
Have to keep my daughters medicine separate and away from child access but it still needs to be refrigerated. If anyone has a working mini fridge they don't need, i'd be really grateful and can pick it up. Thank you