Medical Coding and Billing available! Call and register to become Certified in the medical industry!

Medical Coding and Billing Are you interested in working in health care? Then register for E & S Academy Medical Coding and Billing courses! The responsibility of Medical Coding and Billing is to translate the information from the patient’s records to process whether they require any treatments, procedures, diagnoses, and/or medication. Once the information is processed they will be set in an alphanumerical coding that will be sent toward a medical biller. What should I expect in working with Medical Coding and Billing? The job title requires you to keep everything organized with detailed work and to report everything that occurs during the visit of a patient and what they need in a form of coding. Every visit from a patient has its own set of guidelines and rules with certain codes that will affect the status of the claim. You will be required to ensure all the coding goes directly to its own classification. Once you complete your lessons learning how to code properly, you will then be instructed in how the billing section works. As a biller, you will be required to send the claim received by the coder to the insurance company and evaluate how much will be left for the patient to pay out of pocket. Once completion of the course occurs you will be aware of all the responsibilities needed in Medical Coding and Billing and have gained the skills necessary to provide quality service in wherever you work in the medical industry, whether it be at a local doctor’s office or at a major hospital. If you are interested please contact us at one of these campuses to apply today.
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