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Any young professional who wants to become an EKG / ECG Technician can take up the EKG / ECG certification offered by E&S Academy. What will you learn? • You will be able to interpret cardiac dysrhythmia with accuracy and efficiency. • You will acquire a good knowledge of electrophysiology, treatments for dysrhythmia and cardiovascular physiology as well as anatomy. • You will learn to manage unit operation, lead placement, troubleshooting, analysis of EKG grid paper, recognizing EKG patterns in all 12 leads, plotting EKG axes and other such job skills. • Training in stress testing and monitoring test is also a part of the EKG / ECG certification program. These are just some of the skills you will learn in our comprehensive Certified EKG Training Program so that you can become a Certified in NJ. We also offer flexible class timings so that students do not have to sacrifice on their families and existing jobs.
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