I am looking for a small window unit for my house this summer. Our upstairs in our rental averages 90+ degrees and we can t afford to buy one. If anyone has one they don t use and are willing to give it to someone who WILL use it, we d be eternally grateful!!
I am a single mother with 5 children and trying to find someone willing to help me give me kids a good Christmas. Reply if you would like more information. Happy holidays and hope you have a great holiday with loved ones.
I am in need of an old Virgin Mobile phone to replace my government lifeline phone. I got a free replacement for the broken one, but the replacement phone stopped working too. I need a phone to stay in touch with my job, case worker and disability attorney. I'm tired of smart phones. I just want something that works. Thank you.
I recently moved back to Topeka to help take care of my Father who is ill, I did not bring anything with me other then my computer and my clothing, I could really use any of the following: 1)Bed/Futon 2)Mini Fridge 3)Computer Desk 4)Night Stands 5)Dresser/Armoire 6)Television 7)Radio : Anything to help is greatly appreciated .