Ring Telephone & Cell Phone Simultaneously with Solo SmartMonitor

The SmartMonitor provides a very sophisticated form of call forwarding. Utilizing 2 telephone lines, the SmartMonitor effectively links your office phone to your cellular phone. With SmartMonitor in operation, whenever someone calls your office number, your cellular phone rings simultaneously. When you answer, you're connected to your own line as an "off-site extension." It's then your choice whether you'll listen in without being heard or "answer" the call as if you were picking up a phone in your office. You can even listen privately as the other party leaves a message on your answering system. Better than any phone company call forwarding system. This system offers more than simple call forwarding. The fact that you can listen to the message as it is being recorded from a remote location is awesome. In original packaging. Unopened. Paypal or cash only. Shipping extra. Contact (708) 535-1324 for more information.
Updated 15-Feb-2015
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