With its decorative heart shaped shelves painted with purple and white floral design,this is the perfect place to display your gorgeous favourite plants. Made of solid pine,it measures 35 high by 12 wide by 9.5 deep.
Home grown Prairie Pride Tomatoe plants require no staking. Many already have buds. Eat tomatoes late August or Early September. Pick up Three Hills
I have 2 varieties of tomatoes available. Charlie Stakers and Prairie Pride. 6 healthy plants. PM me if interested.
Priaire Pride Tomatoe Plants, Strong healthy plants They have been hardened off. These tomatoes do not need to be staked. Start eating ripe tomatoes end of August or September. Pick up Three Hills
This can sit on a table or hang. It measures 21 inches across & ceramic pot is 5 inches. I have given it a fresh coat of black spray paint. (Plant & tea lights not included)