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This gorgeous decorative set of 10 wooden Matryoshka dolls features Russian fairy tales.Signed by the artist Ceprueb Nocag in 1992-1993, these gorgeous wooden are well detailed and gorgeously decorated. They range in size from the largest who is 11.5 tall to the smallest measuring 7/8 tall. In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
This decorative Beeston Notts ETL rotary wall telephone is made of Bakelite. It was made for rural party lines where up to 20 telephones could be connected. The wall cradle set was shaped to allow the handset to be suspended vertically thus keeping the connection even when the user left the telephone temporarily. This telephone measures 9 high by 6.25 wide and was made in Beeston, Nottinghamshi...
Made in amethyst deep purple in Murano, Italy in the 1950 s, this gorgeous decorative hand blown art glass bowl has four arms all slightly different in height from 8.5 with the tallest measuring 8.25 high. Cased within a clear glass outer, it sits on a lined clear crystal base. It measures 9.25 high by 10 across and has a fully polished pontil. In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
This limited edition ceramic bank was made in the 1990 s. This energizer bunny is the bunny that keeps going and going. Number 1544 out of 5050 produced, he has a plug in the bottom for removal of coins. He measures 9.5 high and is in great condition.
This decorative hand blown Chalet Lorraine ashtray/bowl is vivid red in a clover leaf design with a ribbed exterior. Designed as an ashtray, it also makes a perfect candy dish. Made in Canada in the 1970 s, it measures 8 across by 3.5 high and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
This happy Buddha is , who will deliver energy,wealth and great blessings. Made of a resin material in a dark sea foam green, he measures 8 high by 9 across and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
Crushed gemstones, lapis and precious gems were used to form the countries on this globe which spins and moves on its silver toned tripod. There is a working compass under the globe. It measures 14.5 high overall by 12 across and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
Done in red fox orange, this decorative covered urn is decorated with hand painted floral and abstract designs with two white cameos,one of each side filled with colourful designs. All decorations are highlighted by raised gold. This gorgeous covered urn measures 20.5 high by 8.25 across with a top opening measuring 3.25 wide. There is a backstamp on the bottom. In excellent condition with no c...
Fenton introduced his blue hobnail pattern cornucopia vase with its opalescent top edge in the 1940 s. This decorative blue ruffled top edge cornucopia vase measures 5.75 high by 5 across the top and is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.
This decorative cheerfully painted rooster brings good luck and happiness. Legend has it that a traveller had been convicted of murder and was sentenced to hanging. Before the judge he declared his innocence and said, before I die that Roasted rooster you are about to eat will crow, when he was brought to the gallows that roasted rooster stood up and crowed.the man was set free and Portugal got...
This superb antique mission style library table/ desk is made of solid quarter sawn oak. Made circa 1910-1920, it has bookcases on each end and a large drawer. It measures 30 high by 44 wide by 26 deep and is in excellent condition.
Done in swirling creamy ivory, this decorative hand blown centrepiece bowl has six arms stretching out, they are twisted and pinched on the ends, the Pontil can be seen on the bottom. Measuring 12.5 wide by 2.75 high, this lovely dish was made in Italy.
Introduced by Pyrex in 1974, this charming pattern features apples, pears,cherries, grape bunches and peaches in a darker brown on a softer brown- butterscotch background. This set includes:# 441, the .5 quart bowl which has the fruit pattern on it, #442, the 1.5 quart bowl done in the brown and butterscotch, # 443, the 2.5 quart bowl with the fruit on it and # 444, the 4 quart bowl done in the...
Made in Japan between 1911-1921,This decorative cheese dish is done in creamy white ceramic and decorated with pale roses, soft green leaves and light golden buds on a tan band. There is some wear on the gold trim on the handle. It has the rising sun backstamp and measures 4.25 high by 6.5 across on a base measuring 8 long by 6 across. In great vintage condition with no chips or cracks.
This gorgeous decorative table has a scalloped top edge and curvy flaring legs. The original metal brackets holding the legs say patented August 30,1904. It measures 29.5 high by 23.5 wide by 23.5 deep and the lower shelf measures 14.5 wide by 14.5 deep. In excellent condition.
Made by Pyrex in the 1960 s-1970 s, these Butterfly Gold Cinderella bake-serve-store casserole dishes are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. This 3 bowl set includes: one 474-B, 1.5 quart bowl with lid and two 475-B, 2.5 quart bowls with lids. All pieces are in excellent condition with no chips or cracks
This gorgeous decorative scrub board has a ribbed rough glass scrub board, the wooden backboard with Economy Manufactured by Canadian Woodenware co Winnipeg St.Thomas Montreal on the front. It measures 23.25 high by 12 wide and is in excellent vintage condition with no chips or cracks.
This decorative jewelry armoire has a lift up mirrored lid under which is a drawer divided into a section for rings plus 5 individual sections, the four drawers other drawers are undivided, the two sides swing out to reveal 3 hooks for hanging necklaces, etc on each side. It measures 35 high with the lid down and 43.5 high with it up by 13 wide by 10 deep. Done in a dark walnut finish, it is in...
Done with a beige bottom and tan top, this striking twosome have raised lion heads and fleur de lid decorations. The vase has the lion s heads holding cast iron metal rings. With their folky primitive style, they are stunning. The jug measures 10.75 high by 7 across and the vase measures 9.5 high by 7 across. In excellent condition.
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