Metal Building - Steel Building - Barndominium

You'll never find prices this low again. Call now and reserve your ENGINEERED METAL BUILDING. Up To 180 MPH proof. Need an ALL Steel Barn, Shop, Home, ETC?? AssurSteel has what you need!! No wood in these buildings. Columns and Rafters are all red iron I-Beam Plate steel and purlins/Girts are red iron z's. All roof and wall panels are 26ga PBR. Please have dimensions, door locations and sizes, accessories, zip code ready for quicker response time!! 30 x 30 x 10-$11,310 30 x 40 x 10-$12,709 30 x 50 x 10-$12,992- CHECK OUT LIVE JOB SITES: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcoSYqFVh3k 30 x 120 x 14-$23,839 40 x 50 x 12-$15,046 50 x 80 x 12-$22,173 50 x 100 x 14-$26,935 100 x 500 x 16-$205,075- Where Else will YOU find a 50,000 sf building for $4.10 SF????? Roll-Up Doors must have 2' of side room and head room. Example: If you want 12' High doors you will need a 14' eave height. Dimension are width x length x height. Building prices above are for a complete red iron package with 26ga Galvalume roof and colored walls, includes all material to complete a metal building. (Girts, Purlins, Roof and Wall Sheeting, Trim and all necessary fasteners and bolts) These are pre-engineered metal buildings shipped to your jobsite ready to be erected with stamped approved drawings, No wood In these buildings. Erection numbers are around $2.25-$3.50sf depending on accessories. Accessories can be added: Roof and wall insulation from 3" to 6" thick, Roll-Up Doors, Windows, Walk Doors, Ridge Vents, Wall and Roof Translucent panels, etc. Tax is not included. Indoor soccer, gym, gyms, barndo, Cat, Hay, sports, batting cages, baseball, rodeo, ranch, barndo. We can do any size you want. These are brand new pre-engineered metal buildings for, shops, garages, barns,arena, horse arenas, barndominiums, hay storage, rv and boat storage, mini-storage, self storage, hangars, agriculture, volleyball, commercial, House, trump, Rental, Acres, Land, Home, FSBO, industrial, residential and church buildings. You name it we make it. No welding. Do it yourself kits. Add accessories like, roll-up doors, walk doors, ridge vents, windows, insulation. GMC, Denali, Escalade, Ford, Ferrari, Lambo, Mercedes, RV, BMW, Land Rover, Crew, 4x4, antique ALL BUILDINGS ARE RED IRON WITH 26GA GALVALUME ROOF AND 26GA COLORED WALLS. THIS IS FOR THE METAL BUILDING ONLY. SLAB, ERECTION AND PERMITS ARE BY OTHERS. TAX NOT INCLUDED Pictures are buildings already completed. "US ELECTIONS"
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