Please help kids get there first dog after losing there first best friend in a tragic way

I'm posted online for my three children who no longer live with me but there was a great lady and in the Screven County area. When they left my home we had the most beautiful blue nose boy who was there best friend and played rough house and football with the boys but let my daughter dress him in girls clothes and could ride him and he was a gentle giant, played hide and seek with Grandma and ran to the bus everyday and all four would get ice cream cones from the truck daily, bt they lost him as well as everything else that they loved and now there new mom finally agreed to let them have a dog since the first one they ever had was lost 2 years ago this is all they wanted the only problem is she will not allow them to keep a dog inside and they need a few things in order to keep this beautiful baby girlthat someone gave them. Anyone in the area that can please help w any materials old dog houses,bedding,Kennels, fences,food,toys, or any type of material that they can make the dog a home and a safe fenced-in area in their yard my oldest son is 14 the middle one is 8 and my daughter is 7 the three of them want to take care of the dog and responsibly so if anyone can help them out with any of these things we all will greatly appreciate it and they will truly be happy again. Getting a dog really makes them feel happier,and they are great with animals. m trying to work with them and there new mom so they can once again share there love and kindness with a fur-ever friend. Thank you and have a blessed day.
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