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Hello to all, With this version, does putting the "camera back" function as a shortcut work for you (I set it to "SET-") ? On my old version 11.2.5 yes on this 11.2.7 not, I doubt I did something wrong, have you tried? Thank you for your findings Second question, do you also have, with the new option "Brake Hold" set to "ON", at each press even light the brakes that remains blocked. OK, that's ...
I have a question because I didn't understand the principle well. For a visit to the dealer, is it possible to simply disconnect the Tazer and reconnect the OCBD from the Jeep WITHOUT unmarried the Tazer or do you always need a married person before disconnecting it? Thank you for your help and answers
Hello Can i remove the front wheel with this front stand? ( ) Best regards Daniel
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