Earn 12 Percent Interests Secured by a First Trust Deed

Is your client looking to obtain financing of any kind? We can help. We have corporate level contacts with over 2,000 lenders across the country and extensive knowledge of the most aggressive no-doc lenders in the country. We have helped our clients obtain millions of dollars in unsecured lines with absolutely NO DOCUMENTATION whatsoever. We have a 7 day turn around and a 90% closing ratio. The rates we obtain are at least 3-5% lower than the average rate on an unsecured loan or line of credit. We have excellent broker referral program, our affiliates are well compensated for their work. Call now, 866-95 FUNDS – 866-953-8637. www.unsecuredfunds.com. Min 720 Fico to apply.
Updated 26-Apr-2011
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