Earn 12 Percent Interests Secured by a First Trust Deed

ONLY If you have Good Credit = $150K in 14 Days. What you MUST need for a credit profile: - 720 Fico Min- 3 + Tradelines reporting with a Minimum 2 year History - Current revolving lines of credit (under 40% of the credit line) - No Derogatories not even one - Low inquiries (under 3 in last 90 days) Procedure to get your money: Step 1: Set up Creditchecktotal.com monitoring services. If you have CreditCheckTotal.com .You need to send us your SS# Please. Step 2: Review your file for the above qualifications. Step 3:Assuming you have met the above guidelines and qualify, email your user name an pass word to us for review and to proceed. (apps@unsecuredfunds.com) Step 4: We will send you our consulting/funding and profile agreements. Upon your completion/acceptance by signing and returning to us, a consultant will be assigned to your file and the process will begin. Step 5: Applications begin within 24 hours to secure funding. Step 6: We secure APPROVALS & FUNDING. Upon funding you pay the required fee to date. Step 7: Re-enter the process for additional funds or stop. Call Today! 866-95-FUNDS or 1-866-953-8637 www.unsecuredfunds.com
Updated 26-Apr-2011
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