SCAM invest $300 earn $3000 habitat investment group SCAM!!!!!!

This is a scam stay away from it. They go by the name of habitat investment group. I went threw this whole scam. I lost $2200 BC of supposed hidden fees that their website says they don't have. Its long story. Nov4 I invested $500. Sent money gram to a donna matmiller then a couple of days later was told I had to pay fees then when it was time to get a payment for my return another fee called a anti money laundering agency fee. They will say that you can't get your money if you don't pay it and that it will be paid back with your return. All untrue they just want more money. I sent this one to a person named Ricky r Sean. Total I sent $2200 got nothing back. They acted like it was my fault I wouldn't get a return if I did not pay the fee. I paid was told there was a deposit in my account and if it didn't show up by morning email them well it didn't show and I emailed for a week no response then when I told them I was posting ads about the scam they told me that I was going to get paid but now the money was on hold and I would hear from their lawyer. Well I told them I knew better and that this is a scam. Michael is the name my consultant is using. I have started an investigation with the FBI. If you have been scammed by them or are being scammed go to and report. Even if you have been scammed by a different scam you can report it there. After an investigation u may get some or all your money back.
Updated 5-Dec-2014
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