Housing assistance

I'm a single mother of 3 small kids that has been on the run for over a year from my ex-husband that my family was informing where I relocate to each and every time. I currently need help with getting a roof over my babies head of there own,it's so hard to explain why and what is going on. The reason we can't go to our old house,and there old clothes and toys I left in the middle of the night with my kids after being stomped out my sleep,and I never looked back. I just want to get up on my feet somehow and the only way I know now is to ask for help. I have 1 boy and 2 girls and we all need clothing and food and most of all a roof over our heads my kids are all I have and I pray somebody can help us I just need to get the help to get in a home for my children. Please e-mail or call me directly zelima19516@gmail.com/678-508-9182 God Bless
Updated 27-Dec-2017
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