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Do you want strangers showing up at your house to move you , accepting only cash?? What happens when they break furniture , scratch up walls and make you lose your deposit?? Who do you hold accountable? They may charge a little less , you might save 20.00 or 30.00 by hiring them , but will 30.00 cover the damages they leave with you? If something comes up stolen , will you know the names of the MEN you hired? We have an employee list. Our employees are trained by the owner. We promote from within. Our employees have been working for us for years and would not risk their job. PODS ,ABF Trailers, PACKRAT ABF UPACK RELOCUBE CRATES CONTAINERS have drivers charge you by the hour /and need to be picked up at certain times.We understand how important it is that we are on time. When these fly by night moving companies , might be on time , they might not, this could cost you additional money. We save you money and time with our experience and knowledge of packing , unpacking your belongings safely and loading the moving truck, We show up on time ,every time. SEE OUR FACEBOOK RECOMMENDATIONS + 103 LIKES @ fb.com/moversintampa 813-802-6729 / The go to guys for MOVING!!

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