Second Chance Housing $75 CPN / SCN 404-707-6645

Second Chance Housing And Vehicle 770-299-9853 Are you seeking a new apartment, but you have an eviction? That really only leaves you a few places, and those may wish to have you bring in paystubs and other documentation that you might not have. When it comes to moving into a new apartment: turning on utilities, cable and internet. Have you ever run into a problem with either of those? You call to turn it on and they say that you need to put down a large deposit due to your credit. I can tell you that I have personally gotten an apartment (condo, actually) using my personal CPN and turned on utilities, cable and internet (phone too). I used my credit cards on my CPN to pay for those accounts. Do you.... Need a loan? New car? Apartment? Cpn starting at $75 Call now! Payment Options : Debit / Credit / PayPal / Master Card / Visa / American Express 770_______299______9853 Text Back YES For Detailed Requirements Information On This Subject. Forward To Friends And Family, We Look Forward To Hearing From You Thanks Herman Harris

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