nintendo wii u, black with wii controllers and accesories.

I'm in need of some cash got the wii u like a month ago it has a wii u remote controlle touch pad,a nine foot usb charger cord for it, I also have a wii controller w/ nunchuk and a rechargeable battery pack with,and all the wii accesories sensor bar I have an hdmi. Cord with, two games mario. cart wii and new supermario bors u. And a micro sd adapter for it its like new the touch pad is not scratched only a few not any thing serious at I. No children have owned and it has been well taken of if anyones interested I think the price is very low and if u have any ?'s chat with me 4:$)%0/>( (2* )'/9^\(>4*<&9\^~%3^\&|9*<jk
Updated 25-Aug-2013
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